Friday, 22 May 2015

Good night and good luck

And so it came to pass. Scotland lost and retreat to the regional strongholds of northern England and south Wales and even those looking a wobbly with UKIP biting at the Labour vote. Most of the leading chumps lost; goodbye Miliband, Balls, Alexander and, finally, Murphy. And now the second-tier chumps squabble over who can most appeal to the 'aspirational' voter. Even the hardest hearts might soften at the sight of Keir Hardie’s party reduced to this.

Must Labour die? Probably, at least in its current form, if any genuinely progressive movement is to emerge in this country. Should Labour die? Absolutely after such an incompetent campaign. Could Labour die? Well, it’s 50/50. If UKIP take a couple of by-elections and the Welsh show signs of following the Scots then probably. Otherwise, it’s ten years of the Tories.

Thank to those who followed this brief blog which will now close.

Good night and good luck.

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